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Hi, my name is Genevieve MacInnis, HR Employee Engagement Specialist, located in Halifax, NS. I am passionate about building workplace cultures where teams solve problems quickly, develop strong relationships, thrive in change and bring their whole selves to work.
Our population is highly educated, understands the value of hard work and is committed to living in this beautiful province. In today’s global marketplace we have so much potential for growth and prosperity. Innovation, resiliency and having a growth mindset are key to maximizing business results. Employee Engagement is the path to continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, cost savings, waste reduction, quality and safety.

Organizations need Leaders who are excellent communicators and are skilled at creating empowered and accountable teams. As well as Employees who are adaptable, engaged and skilled in using technology. Focusing on individual strengths, developing skills sets and resolving conflict are required to maintain a competitive edge.


  • In Nova Scotia; our people, our economy and our future
  • In creating cultures where organisations and people thrive
  • In maximizing human potential by leveraging strengths and creating workplaces where employees can be their best selves
  • In Innovation, creativity and boldness and that these qualities can be in harmony with maintaining tradition and culture

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Do You Want to Engage Your Employees?

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