Genevieve MacInnes, Inspired Change Consulting in Halifax, NS

HR Employee Engagement Specialist

Genevieve MacInnis has 20 years experience working in mid size Canadian companies as well as large multinationals. The majority of this time has been spent in the Manufacturing sector in both unionized and non-unionized environments.

Genevieve has an extensive background in Human Resources and has lead a variety of change initiatives including; equipment installs, 5S, process improvement, restructuring, acquisitions, safety, job design, pay and salary structures, pension conversions and attendance management. Genevieve also has a strong background in recruitment, performance management, facilitation, conflict resolution and leadership development.

Trusted Advisor – strategic, candid and dynamic

Meet Genevieve MacInnis, HR Employee Engagement Specialist in HRMGenevieve is known for her strategic thinking and her ability to connect with individuals across all levels of the organization. She is highly skilled at asking thought provoking questions and having candid conversation to address tough issues.

Her style is dynamic, stimulating change by helping others learn how to be more self-aware, practice conscious leadership and build authentic relationships based on honesty and trust.

Solutions for today’s challenges - Results, impact and growth

Time spent as a strategic, trusted advisor gives Genevieve a deep understanding of the people challenges that exist in a production environment:

  • The need to do more with less
  • The need to change and overcome resistance to change
  • The need to implement continuous improvement culture
  • The need to address an aging workforce and skill/knowledge transfer
  • Finding and keeping talent
  • Working with multiple generations

Inspired Change Consulting has solutions to overcome these challenges and elevate your business.

Working with us to implement strategies that focus on engagement, culture and updating leadership skills will result in higher profits, less turnover, lower absenteeism and happier customers.