Do You Want to Engage Your Employees?

Do you want to engage your employees written by Genevieve MacInnis at

The short answer is, Yes!

Only 23% of employees in the Manufacturing industry are engaged according to a recent Gallup survey. This means that 77% of the workforce is just going through the motions, doing what is minimally required to get the job done. Or even worse, they are actively working against the achievement of business goals by sabotaging efforts and creating conflict.

Employee Engagement is all about the level of dedication, commitment, innovation and emotional energy a person is willing to expend for the company. Engaged employees are willing to give their discretionary effort. This means they go beyond what is minimally required and give more of their capabilities, energy, creativity and passion to exceeding workplace goals.

Engaged employee have desirable behaviors:

  • Say yes to new challenges and ideas
  • Are open to training and learning new things
  • Identify solutions when problems arise
  • Consistently meet or exceed production and quality standards
  • Are willing to give a little extra when helping customers or coworkers
  • Volunteer for committees and projects
  • Work safely and have less accidents
  • Get along with others

Workplaces with high levels of engagement enjoy:

  • Less turnover
  • Reduced sick time
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • More productivity and higher quality
  • Adaptability to change
  • Greater profitability

Disengaged employees cost Employers money:

  • Fixing errors made by indifference, carelessness or spite
  • Time wasted on managing needless conflict
  • Damage to reputation by speaking negatively about company
  • Resistance to change, innovation and learning new skills
  • Being unproductive during paid work time

The cost benefits to increasing engagement are two-fold. First, consider how much your business is currently losing because of disengaged employees. Second, consider how much your business has to gain by engaging employees to contribute at a higher level. In a recent AON Canada study, businesses estimated they lost $10,000 per year for every disengaged employee.

In todays competitive marketplace for talent and customers, increasing employee engagement is a smart business strategy.

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