Leadership retreats are a great way to refocus, realign and reward your team.

Retreats allow time to focus on your target with out the usual distractions from everyday tasks. A change in environment leads to creativity, new ideas and a different way of thinking. Retreats can be used for strategic planning, professional development, team building and to celebrate success. Our retreats are custom designed to meet your unique business needs.

When to have a retreat?


When you are launching a new project, business line or service delivery. Any time the company is taking on a large project or moving in a new direction is the perfect time to retreat for a strategic planning session. This ensures all stakeholders are onboard and understand their role. This is time well spent that will save time and money as the project unfolds. It will also build excitement and put energy into the project.


When your business is not meeting targets such as financial, quality, safety or continuous improvement. A retreat is a great opportunity to realign your team. It allows for dedicated time to resolve conflict, provide training and creating a plan to get back on track.


When you had an amazing year and your team is rocking it! Retreats are a great way to recognize the contributions of your team members and provide future motivation. This is an opportunity to celebrate your success, team build and make future plans.